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The meat is simmered in a karahi until lightly cooked then added to a tarka base of fried onions, fried mushrooms, capsicums and tomatoes

Bombay Potato

Indian style spicy potato


A light, smooth creamy sauce with a delicate twist of sweet 'n' sour for those with a delicate palate


a rich, flavoursome condensed sauce with ginger, garlic and tomatoes

Garlic Nan
Creamy Tikka Masala

This unique, thick and creamy dish is prepared with ground cashew, nuts, onions, peppers and fresh cream

Traditional Curry Sauce
Lamb Chilli Ginger

A rich sauce with fresh cut ginger, chillies and onions.

Chicken on the Bone

Cooked in a secret family recipe

Vegetable Paratha
Mixed Vegetarian Curry

A fusion of Indian or European vegetables simmered in our traditional curry sauce

King Prawn Tikka

Tender king prawns, marinated in our own special blend of herbs and spices

Chicken Pakora
Spicy Tikka Masala

A true Brasserie favourite. A mouth watering blend with a rich exotic marinade and hot spices cooked with peppers, onions and fresh coriander